New Patients (What to expect)

Welcome to healthOne and we’re glad you chose us!

There’s ample free parking right outside our front door. Park in any stall that’s open. Also, our clinic and restroom is fully wheelchair accessible. Need assistance in any way? Call us ahead of time and we can have a staff member assist you inside the clinic.

Prior to your first visit, we will email you the necessary new client forms to complete securely online at your convenience. The forms will cover basic information like your contact information (phone number, email and home address), insurance details (WSBC, ICBC, employer benefits) and then some basic general health screening questions.

Your first visit to the clinic will start with checking in at the reception desk. Our front staff will welcome you and then work with you to fill out any missing information on the new client forms.  All information will be collected in a private manner and stored in a secure electronic system.

For your convenience, we can send all receipts and future appointment reminders to your email.

New client therapy appointments can vary in length but on average, you should plan to be at our clinic for 90 minutes.

New client appointments always begin with your therapist taking a detailed subjective history, so bring any relevant test results and list of medications if you have any to report. Then, after all the relevant injury information is documented, the therapist will do a physical examination of your injury or condition. After the examination is completed, the therapist will outline the most relevant findings and provide an analysis of the injury. A treatment plan will be explained to you and any questions you may have will be answered. Always feel free to ask questions – we want to ensure you know as much as possible regarding your injury or condition.

If time permits, there’ll be a short introductory treatment, such as providing you with an essential home exercise to get you started on your road to recovery. The follow-up visits will be focussed on treatment and some re-evaluation to ensure you’re getting better.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take for my injury or condition to resolve?
Well the answer is dependent on the complexity and severity of your injury or condition. Your therapist would be happy to answer this question after the completion of a thorough assessment. In general, if we don’t see improvement after 4-6 visits, your therapist will re-evaluate and discuss alternate treatment options.

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