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healthOne Surrey – Call us at 604-498-4818 or email our reception desk at: reception@healthonephysio.ca or use Online Booking

healthOne Mission – Call us at 604-287-5499 or email our reception desk at: missionreception@healthonephysio.ca or use Online Booking

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Need to cancel your appointment?
No worries – just let us know a minimum 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid a ‘STRIKE’ in our ‘3-Strike Policy’. We don’t charge a fee for missed appointments, so please give us enough time to fill your spot with someone else waiting for treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you send a report to my doctor?
After your first visit, we send a brief assessment report to your doctor outlining our findings and recommendations for treatment. After that we will send progress reports when required.

Any of your healthcare providers are welcome to contact us and we will work with them to ensure continuity of care.

Your written consent is always required to release any medical information to external parties (physicians, specialists or insurance providers). You were presented with a consent form on your first visit where you listed which parties you consented your medical information to be released.

Can you send a copy of my medical records to my lawyer?
In order to release your medical records to a lawyer, we must receive a formal letter of request and a signed consent form by the lawyer’s office authorizing the records release. There’s a fee to process this medicolegal request and the fee depends on the size of your medical records. Once the request and consent form is received, we will contact your lawyer’s office directly and arrange for the fee payment and transfer of records on your behalf.